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Why joining us?

  • Earn 100% of your fan monthly subscriptions with no fees taken by us!
  • Keep 100% of your product sales revenue - we don't take any fees!
  • Maximize your live earnings with only a 20% fee applied on live tips and private sessions.
  • Join forces with our other models and consolidate your fan base on one convenient platform.

Other reasons to join us

  • We accept nude and non-nude models.
  • We respect your privacy and understand that career paths can change. That's why we offer the right to be forgotten, allowing you to easily remove your content and profile from our platform whenever you choose.
  • Take control of your content and audience with our customizable access settings. From country restrictions to rank access levels, you have the power to decide who can view your content.
  • No installation required! Our platform is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers, making it easy for you to create and share content from anywhere.

Who we look for at Online Companions?

  • You are a female and are minimum 18 years old.
  • You are aware about your country laws and do not plan to perform any illegal activity using Online Companions.
  • You are creative and love teasing your audience with naughty content.
  • You have the minimum necessary equipment to provide good quality content (on-demand and live stream).

Is there any selection?

To ensure a diverse and fair platform, we aim to maintain a balanced age range among our models. If your application is not accepted, we encourage you to reapply in a few months as our selection criteria may change.

  • At this time, we are only accepting applications from female models. However, we are always evaluating our selection criteria and may expand to include other genders in the future.
  • We consider the quality of your equipment and streaming setup when reviewing applications. While we understand that equipment can change over time, having a suitable place to stream and a reliable internet connection are important for providing a positive experience for both models and visitors.
  • While experience is valued, it is not a requirement for joining our platform. We look for models who are motivated and committed to creating high-quality content for their fans.

Legal information

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Enter the username you wish to have. Allowed characters are digits (0-9), letters (A-Z, a-z), space and special characters: period (.), hyphen (-), apostrophe (') and underscore (_).
Enter a valid email address.
To send an application you must be at least 18 y.o.

About you

Upload up to 3 photos of yourself of any kind as long as we can see your face. Uploaded pictures are stored securely.


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Streaming place

Internet connection
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